Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekly Workouts and Spring Landscape!

I have a huge spring landscape project that should blast some calories!
I'm posting my weekly workouts to remain accountable

Monday - off

Tuesday - 120 cals burned
Zcut #12

Squat alternating w/over head db
Chair jumps
Reptile pushups
Lunge w/db

5 min Cool down stretch

Wednesday - 90 cals burned

ZCut bonus

Single leg squat
Chair hops
In-out push up

Thursday workout: 90 cals burned
ZCut power 1

Plank w/row to jump up
100 side hops
Side lunge w/side to side punch
Deep squats

2 min stretch 
Here is the BIG dawg project..........

as you can see it will be huge. I have to order the timbers and the truck to haul off the old.
For me its all about digging and lifting!

I will cut the 6x6x8 timbers into 4' sections. This will give it a modern look and although more time consuming with such a large area it will look much nicer.
I'm still researching on how to drill holes and put in rebarb but anything will look better then it does now from all the snow we got it just couldn't take any more.
Thanks for reading.......
Happy Spring..........bring on the outdoor projects!

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