Monday, February 10, 2014

Best Book: Would A Maharajah Sleep Here?

I am only a 1/4 way through this book and I love it!
Best book ever for travel stories.
It is not a guide, it is just the true travel experience of a lifetime!
It is written newest trip to oldest trip, and as you can imagine things always get better after you do them a few times.
It retails for about $23 and is well worth it.
You feel like you are really there!
It started as emails to family and turned out to be a book, so it an amazing perspective with no holds barred.

On another note, more snow this morning......
Yeah, I think Susie Snowflake has worn out her welcome!

Made it to the office just fine, roads were actually cleared.
Well not my driveway but that comes later, work first.

Today's workout:
x3 rounds of 15 each
Jump squats with overhead press
Downdog push ups
Plus I added 20 crunches!

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