Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome To T's World

I have been in love with fitness since my first fitness award in the 6th grade. I knew I could push myself away from being a skinny mini girl (which was not popular in the late 70's) to one with some lean mass and shape like Kathy Smith my idol. I got the book by Arnold Schwarzenegger "Body Shaping for Women" and I started out as a body builder (Rachel McLish was my idol in that field) and then progressed to long distance running. The more I learned about fitness the happier I was, seeing how confident it made me was amazing.

Now after being a trainer for over 25 years and having owned my own fitness studio, my goals are still to help others.

If any information on this site can change one person, or help one person be who they want to become then I have reached my goal.

I want to share great information on this blog to help others and inspire people along the way.

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