Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Wall!

I got to have lunch with my Agent, it was so fun!
So back to the wall that started last spring. 
Garage and wall equal mess!

All jacked up.......waiting on the insurance ugh!

Had to haul the dirt to the back.........

This is how it look now with lots'o rocks!

How it was with dirt.......

Used this tractor wow!

The before and after, now it settles then I can paint and do fun stuff! 

My mint is up nice this year, yum!

Inspirational pictures.....
Design ideas for the back:

Love these colors and they work with what I have. 
I wish...........

and these colors are also great with my patio set that matches these chairs. 

I'm thinking making a 9x11 paved section, could be cheaper then building and I can keep some grass just not sure yet. I like it too :-)

And the new summer rug at The Barbie House. 

Yoga 4 times a week
Walking 2-3 miles at lunch. 

Thanks for reading...........

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